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November/December 2015
Creating Your Leadership Style

You don’t have to be the boss to lead your team. Discover tips for forging new paths and finding opportunities. Plus, a step-by-step refresher for peripheral catheter placement, and how to bring exotic companion mammal care into your practice.

Clinical Suite:
Cognitive Dysfunction

Cognitive dysfunction can be difficult for clients to understand. Make sure your team is prepared to address this disorder and educate clients.

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Social Media Calendar: December 2015

Help clients and patients avoid stress and health hazards this holiday season with this month's Social Media Calendar.

Everyday Clinical

Top 5 Considerations in Caring for Geriatric Patients

Aging cats and dogs present their own set of challenges. Here are 5 things to know about caring for these patients. 

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5 Essential Therapeutic Exercises for Dogs with Osteoarthritis

Veterinary physical rehabilitation encompasses a whole-body approach to patient assessment and treatment, and the foundation of treatment is therapeutic exercise. Explore these 5 therapeutic exercises in detail. 

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Top 5 Points for Incorporating Complementary & Integrative Medicine Into Practice

How can you integrate alternative therapies into your practice? These pointers can help you get started.

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Communicate With Clients

Oversharing with Clients: Know When to Stop Talking

Sharing personal stories can build rapport with your clients, but it’s important to maintain boundaries. Find out how much is too much. 

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Educating Clients When Using a New Procedure

Discover what you must be prepared to discuss when presenting a new procedure to a client.

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Pet Health Insurance: Practice Friend or Foe?

Take advantage of this effective tool for practice growth, profitability, and health. 

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Build the Team

Veterinary Technicians: So Vital to Good Medicine

What do today’s technicians need to know to succeed? Find out in this Q&A, celebrating National Veterinary Technician Week. 

Tips for Team Communication

Minor complaints in the practice can become major issues if not addressed. See how  timely communication can help the team stay supportive and satisfied.

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Behaving Well vs Behaving Badly

There’s a lot of chatter about traits of effective veterinary teams—how can our team turn those often vague concepts into practical behaviors?

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Develop Your Skills

Step-by-Step: Peripheral Catheter Placement

Refresh your technique for peripheral catheter placement with this step-by-step guide.

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Overcoming Difficult Challenges in Electronic Practices

Switching to electronic medical records can sometimes seem more challenging than beneficial. Here are some problems you’re likely to encounter and how to resolve them.

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Career Paths for Veterinary Technicians

Want to take your career in a new direction? Explore the many opportunities from these trailblazing technicians, plus get tips for career success.

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Manage the Practice

Opinion: What Makes a Veterinarian a Leader?

Being a boss does not automatically make you a good leader. So what does?

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Personality Profiling in Veterinary Practices

Understanding a team member’s strengths and weaknesses can help improve communication and productivity in practice. 

Management Tricks for Veterinary Managers

Aspiring to management, or already leading your practice team? Here’s what you need to know to be successful. 

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