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September 2014
Team Education

Indoor cats need special considerations; discover 5 ways clients can enrich their cat’s life, and get practical tips for stress-free handling of feline patients. Plus, can offering various payment options affect the success of your practice?

Clinical Suite:
Guide to Team Training

Feline diabetes mellitus can be managed with dietary and insulin therapy. Use this 7-step guide to develop treatment protocols and educate clients on home care.

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Communicate With Clients

Top 5 Ways to Enrich Feline Environmental Needs

An expert lists 5 tips for enriching an indoor cat’s environmental and social needs.

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Diverse Communication Styles: Bridging the Gap

Being aware of age, gender, and cultural differences will allow your team to communication more effectively.

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Transforming Difficult Clients into Excellent Clients

Is it possible to transform difficult clients into excellent clients? Maybe, maybe not. But it is worth trying,


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Build the Team

“Bad Apples” & Team Productivity

How much do “bad apples” affect team performance and unity? This study suggests reducing these effects through task interdependence and open communication.

Create Culture, Build Morale

Your practice’s mission, vision, and values are the foundational components of its culture.

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Right & Wrong Ways to Hire a Manager

A growing practice means a growing team. Consider this new approach to hiring a new manager.

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Develop Your Skills

Defining Professionalism to Promote Public Trust

Should you focus on rules and behavior to define professionalism in the practice? This study suggests that professionalism should instead involve a belief system that creates public trust.

Depression vs Burnout: Know the Difference & Find the Solution

Depression and burnout go beyond a simple case of the “winter blues.” They are also distinct from one another in key ways.


Men & Crying in the Workplace

For men, showing emotion in the workplace is a delicate dance, a battle against cultural norms and societal constraints.


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Manage the Practice

Organizational Health Can Be Your Team's Advantage

The premise of The Advantage is that organizational health “trumps everything else” and is a business’s greatest competitive advantage

Lessons Learned With Electronic Treatment Sheets

Electronic treatment sheets can reduce errors and increase efficiency, so why not use them in your practice?

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Will Payment Options Grow Your Practice?

Can various payment options affect your profitability and success? Which payment options should your practice use?

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