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July 2015
Practice Compassion

Get tips for making visits less stressful for patients, clients, and your team, and discover the risks for certain diseases in your community. Plus, forget the pile of books—create your own digital library and find the medical information you need at the touch of a button.

Clinical Suite:
Canine Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-borne diseases in dogs. This protocol for diagnosis, treatment, and client communication can help your team handle these cases with confidence.

Use this Clinical Suite

Social Media Calendar: August 2015

Educate clients on how to prevent and treat kennel cough and other respiratory infections with this month's Social Media Calendar. 

Everyday Clinical

Cancer Is Not a Death Sentence

Despite the scary diagnosis, cancer patients can lead happy lives. Here's how to reassure clients.

Peer Reviewed| Web-Exclusive

Stress Reduction for Canine Patients

Follow these simple steps to help condition patients to reduce their stress and anticipate good things.

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Dental Nomenclature: Dental Anatomy

This video discusses the dental anatomy of both the tooth and the periodontium.


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Communicate With Clients

Anxious Dogs, Children, & Public Safety

Anxious dogs need informed pet owners to ensure safety around others, particularly children. What is the veterinary professional’s role in educating clients about behavior modifications and public safety?

Violence in Veterinary Practices

Veterinary practices can be privy to violence from grieving clients to volatile team members. How can we minimize this threat? 

Peer Reviewed

The Effects of Sleeping with Pets

Does sharing a bed with pets decrease the quality of sleep? Here’s how to advise clients on this issue.

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Build the Team

Decision Paralysis

Over-analyzing or over-thinking every detail can lead to the inability to make a decision. Here’s how to overcome this paralyzing state of mind.

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Make Practice Visits Low-Stress

Visits to the practice can be a stressful experience for patients, clients, and the veterinary team. How can you create a calm environment that works for everyone? 

Peer Reviewed

Working Couples: Surviving In & Out of Practice

Find out how to navigate the difficult personal and team situations that can occur when working and living with your significant other.

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Develop Your Skills

Lyme Disease Treatment & Prevention

From clinical signs to prevention products, technicians should be well-informed about Lyme disease.

Peer Reviewed

The Art of Reimagining Self-Care

Taking better care of patients starts with taking better care of ourselves. Try these self-care strategies to rejuvenate your life.

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Top 5 Tips for Diagnostic Blood Collection

Blood collection may seem simple, but it is critical to obtaining accurate diagnosis. Use these tips to take samples safely and properly.

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Manage the Practice

Shelter Cats & the Stray Stigma

These findings offer ideas on how shelters can improve adoptions for cats and  get rid of the “stray cat” stereotype.

Profiling Personalities

Treating all team members alike is not an effective way to enhance communication and positivity in practice. These personality profiling tools can help practice managers understand their diverse team.

Team Players: Collaboration & Productivity

This study suggests that a practice manager who is committed to team member support encourages a more effective, productive team.

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