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November-December 2014
The Team: Your Greatest Resource

Discover strategies for supporting working women and part-time team members in your practice, and learn how to write a policy manual your team will actually want to read. Plus, follow a protocol for canine diabetes mellitus and recognize these red flags of feline diabetes.

Clinical Suite:
Guide to Team Training

Follow these essential steps for diagnosing, treating, and educating clients about canine diabetes.

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Everyday Clinical

How to Implement a Senior Wellness Program

Even more than in humans, illness in pets often goes undetected, especially as pets age. Screening senior patients can play a key role in catching diseases before they become serious concerns.


Handling Feline Patients: Less is Always More

By recognizing physical cues and properly preparing examination areas, team members can make visits more comfortable.

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Communicate With Clients

David vs Goliath: How a Veterinary Hospital Can Battle Big-Box Stores

The pressure for market share of parasite preventives and common prescriptions will continue to intensify between competitors.


How to Normalize Emergencies in Practice

Follow this sample emergency case, plus discover tips to establish your practice’s emergency protocol and make your team more comfortable with urgent cases.

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The Art of Telephone Triage

Telephone triage is an essential part of emergency care. Use this information to improve your skills in urgent cases.

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Build the Team

Support Your Practice’s Dr. Mom

The role of “Dr. Mom” can be challenging for her and her team members. Here are some practical solutions to foster support among Dr. Mom and the entire team. 

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5 Holiday Stressors for Veterinary Teams

Here are common stressors veterinary healthcare teams encounter during the holidays, with tips to promote more cheer and less fear during the season.


Opinion: Veterinary Nurse vs Veterinary Technician?

Is “technician” still the correct term for this important and growing role? Two experts debate the differences between “veterinary nurses” and “veterinary technicians.”

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Develop Your Skills

Power Up Your Preventative Care

How do you help patients between visits? New technology makes monitoring health and activity easier for veterinary professionals and clients.

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A Cartoonist’s Guide to Personal Finance

Developing a financial plan is quite simple, but staying committed can be difficult. Use these simple tips for smart saving and spending.

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How to Succeed as a New Leader

Joining a practice in a leadership role can be challenging for you and the team. Consider these 4 tips to ensure a smooth transition.

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Manage the Practice

Who Is Your Next Great Team Member?

Hiring the wrong person can be disastrous. The book Who offers strategic insights on discovering and hiring your next great team member.

Is Dating a Client Taboo?

Romantic relationships between clients and veterinary team members can impact your entire practice. What professional boundaries should you set? 

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The Big Picture on Social Media: Obtaining Client Consent

Sharing photos of patients on social media may be more complex than you think. What legal and ethical concerns does your practice need to address?

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