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October 2014
Managing Change

Change is inevitable for a successful practice. These practical tips can help you integrate new team members and develop new strategies for managing emergency situations. Plus, in honor of Vet Tech Week, the great debate: Should veterinary technicians be called veterinary nurses?  

Clinical Suite:
Guide to Team Training

All bite wounds warrant veterinary attention—regardless of severity. Follow this 7-step guide for successful bite wound management.

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Communicate With Clients

The Art of Telephone Triage

Telephone triage is an essential part of emergency care. Use this information to improve your skills in urgent cases.

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Time to Say Goodbye? Know How to Provide a Peaceful Death

How can you facilitate a peaceful end-of-life experience? An expert shares 4 valuable lessons that can help you provide a peaceful death for your patient.

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Top 5 Ways to Promote Compliance

Help clients follow through with your recommendations. Discover 5 ways to enhance client compliance .

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Build the Team

Conflict? Walk in Another’s Shoes

The ability to consider someone else’s perspective may be the key to successful conflict resolution.

Mentorship in the Veterinary Practice: Good for the Mentor & Mentee

Mentorship does not need to be a hierarchical relationship. Follow this approach to ensure the relationship benefits both the mentor and the mentee.

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“Bad Apples” & Team Productivity

How much do “bad apples” affect team performance and unity? This study suggests reducing these effects through task interdependence and open communication.

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Develop Your Skills

5 Veterinary Technicians, 5 Different Career Paths

Not all veterinary technicians have the same job. Read about these 5 veterinary technicians working in very different fields. 

Does Success Come Before Happiness?

Does success lead to happiness, or is happiness the precursor to success?

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When & How to Reinvent Your Identity

A well-organized, realistic plan is critical for successful self-reinvention.

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Manage the Practice

Talking to Your Team About Money

Financial discussions with the team can be intimidating. Use these communication tools to maximize the potential for constructive conversations.

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Managing Change: Creating Team Buy-In

Change is seldom easy, but it is inevitable for practice success . Use these tips to help your team encourage and embrace change.

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Dirty Laundry: The Un-Oriented Associate

Every practice has different protocols. Do you have steps in place to help integrate new team members? 

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