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August 2015
Optimism in the Practice

Discover the importance of a positive outlook, even in the most difficult situations in practice, and how to communicate more effectively as a team. Plus, what are the 5 most common orthopedic conditions? Find out! 

Clinical Suite:
Rehabilitation of Orthopedic Disease

Orthopedic disease management often involves a multimodal approach. Follow these steps to formulate the best plan for your patients.

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Social Media Calendar: September 2015

Educate clients on how to care for their ferret or diabetic pet with this month's Social Media Calendar.  

Everyday Clinical

Top 5 Most Common Orthopedic Conditions in Dogs

One of these conditions could be your next case presentation. Explore 5 orthopedic conditions that occur most commonly in dogs and how to treat them.

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Behavior Services for the Veterinary Practice

Behavior services are a critical preventive care area, not only for optimal patient health but also for the practice’s bottom line. Learn how to add this service to your preventive care protocol.

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Heat Stroke

Heat stroke occurs quickly and can kill quickly. Do you know the signs and the necessary cooling measures?

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Communicate With Clients

Helping Clients Manage Chronic Pain in Dogs with Osteoarthritis

Managing the chronic pain of canine osteoarthritis (OA) can be challenging for clients. Treatment of OA requires a multimodal approach incorporating traditional and alternative therapies.


Empathy & Client Relationships

These findings serve as a reminder that client satisfaction and retention can benefit from increasing your “empathic effort.”

Anxious Dogs, Children, & Public Safety

Anxious dogs need informed pet owners to ensure safety around others, particularly children. What is the veterinary professional’s role in educating clients about behavior modifications and public safety?

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Build the Team

Behaving Well vs Behaving Badly

There’s a lot of chatter about traits of effective veterinary teams—how can our team turn those often vague concepts into practical behaviors?

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Professional Chaplaincy in Veterinary Medicine

Feelings of burnout and compassion fatigue are all too common in the veterinary profession. , but professional chaplaincy may provide a new way to address these issues.

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Decision Paralysis

Over-analyzing or over-thinking every detail can lead to the inability to make a decision. Here’s how to overcome this paralyzing state of mind.

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Develop Your Skills

Taking the Lead on Orthopedic Examinations

Orthopedic examinations can be challenging. Use these tips to assess orthopedic patients and interpret the findings.

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Wizarding Social Tools

From secret Facebook groups to team chat apps, discover how these social tools can make practice life so much easier.

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Ally or Critic? How Personal Experience Impacts Compassion

Does a shared experience increase compassion? Not always, according to this study.

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Manage the Practice

Social Media Calendar: September 2015

Educate clients on how to care for their ferret or diabetic pet with this month's Social Media Calendar.  

To Post or Not to Post: Promoting & Protecting a Practice Online

What is the balance between oversharing and overregulation on social media? 

Shelter Cats & the Stray Stigma

These findings offer ideas on how shelters can improve adoptions for cats and  get rid of the “stray cat” stereotype.

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