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April 2015
Work-Life Balance

Put more “life” in your work–life balance. Explore 5 tips to avoid burnout and discover how to take control of your time in practice. Plus, what’s missing from your geriatric anesthesia plan?  

Clinical Suite:
Guide to Team Training

Common mites can lead to a variety of clinical conditions. Use this protocol to diagnose and treat mite infestations, some of which are zoonotic.

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Everyday Clinical

Dental Nomenclature: Directional Terminology

This video defines directional terminology concerning location of pathology in the oral cavity for medical record or dental charting purposes, including skull, intraoral, and, tooth.


Anesthetic Considerations for Geriatric Dogs

Concurrent health concerns in older dogs can complicate anesthesia. How can you minimize the risks?

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Dental Nomenclature: Tooth Numbering Systems

Which system do you use when documenting teeth? This video discusses two different tooth numbering systems—the Anatomic System and the Modified Triadan System.


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Communicate With Clients

How to Help Clients Angry With Grief

“You can’t just let him die!” Gain insight into handling difficult conversations that involve client anger and underlying grief.

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Welcome Lists: A Simple Way to Boost Client Relationships

This short video shows you how adding a simple patient "Welcome List" can have a positive impact on your clients.


Educating Clients Considering Pets as Presents

Some people think pets are the perfect gift for the holidays. Counsel your clients to think about these key factors first.


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Build the Team

The Art of Giving & Receiving Advice

Advice is not a one-way street. How are you giving and seeking advice within your practice? 

Meaningful Meetings

Implementing these ideas may be the secret to successful and productive team meetings.

Workplace Efficiency: It Takes a Team

Does your practice seem chaotic and your team stressed? These suggestions can help create a productive, enjoyable workplace.

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Develop Your Skills

Setting Boundaries with Managers, Team Members, & Clients

Feeling burned out, overworked, or overwhelmed? It’s probably time to set boundaries for yourself, with your team, and with your clients. 

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Thinking Traps: What Are They & How Do They Affect Us?

Distorted thinking patterns keep us from reaching our potential—both personally and professionally. How can you avoid falling into these traps?

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Communication Hacks to Fix Your “Busy Trap”

Use these tips to simplify your communication and put more “life” back in your work–life balance. 

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Manage the Practice

The Cost of Free & Discounted Services

Is discounting right for your practice? Consider these pros and cons of offering discounts. 

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Hiring Front-Office Team Members

The front-office team makes the first impression for your practice. Follow these steps—and download these helpful handouts—to make the right hire. 

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Social Media Calendar: May 2015

Use this month's Social Media Calendar to educate clients on dog bite prevention.

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