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June 2015
Practice Strategy

Find strategies to help your practice stand out, with tips for maximizing your space, updating your reception area, and starting and promoting your mobile specialty practice. Plus, tackle treatment options and client education for ringworm cases. 

Clinical Suite:
Canine Atopic Dermatitis

Prepare yourself and your team to effectively diagnose and treat CAD, one of the most common diagnoses in general veterinary practice.

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Everyday Clinical

Cancer Is Not a Death Sentence

Despite the scary diagnosis, cancer patients can lead happy lives. Here's how to reassure clients.

Peer Reviewed| Web-Exclusive

Stress Reduction for Canine Patients

Follow these simple steps to help condition patients to reduce their stress and anticipate good things.

Peer Reviewed| Web-Exclusive

Dental Nomenclature: Dental Anatomy

This video discusses the dental anatomy of both the tooth and the periodontium.


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Communicate With Clients

Violence in Veterinary Practices

Veterinary practices can be privy to violence from grieving clients to volatile team members. How can we minimize this threat? 

Peer Reviewed

The Effects of Sleeping with Pets

Does sharing a bed with pets decrease the quality of sleep? Here’s how to advise clients on this issue.

Animal Ownership & the Human–Animal Bond

This study serves as an important reminder of the significance of the human-animal bond, and how we should consider this relationships when making treatment decisions.  

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Build the Team

Balancing Technology & the Human Connection

Technology allows us to stay connected in ways we never imagined, but at what cost? Find out how to maintain the personal connection with your team and your clients.

Peer Reviewed

The Value of Mentorship in Veterinary Practices

Mentoring and handholding are not one and the same. Discover how to create a partnership that benefits the mentee and the mentor.

Peer Reviewed

The Power of Personal Growth

How can you develop the most effective, happy veterinary team? By focusing on intrinsic factors, according to this study.

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Develop Your Skills

iPhone or Android: Which Is Best for Veterinary Professionals?

Both the iPhone and the Android boast a number of pros for the busy veterinarian. Which smartphone platform is right for you?

Peer Reviewed

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Dermatological Examination

Skin and ear problems may be common, but some are more severe than others. Use this guide to ensure correct diagnosis and prognosis for dermatologic diseases.

Peer Reviewed

Ringworm: Recognition & Client Education

Managing ringworm can be frustrating and expensive for clients. Reduce the nightmare and ensure a successful outcome with these key considerations.

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Manage the Practice

General Practitioners vs Specialists: Competition & Collaboration

Veterinary medicine is moving toward a collaborative, participative environment. Find out how working with other veterinarians and practices can help elevate the profession.

Peer Reviewed

Mobile Specialty Practices: How Do They Work?

Interested in schedule flexibility and professional independence? Consider this expert’s take on the ins and outs of “concierge” veterinary practices. 

Peer Reviewed

Space Savers to Grow a Practice

Is your practice short on space? Use these tips to maximize even the smallest practice.

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