Quiz: Facial Expressions

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Understanding a client’s emotional reaction creates an opportunity for connection, clear communication, and ongoing retention. In business relationships, emotional expression may be somewhat muted and constrained given social expectations.

This quiz below was designed for readers to assess response to and interpretation of facial expressions depicting emotional responses. One model was used throughout to allow for comparisons of the same person’s emotions. Gender, culture, and other factors contribute greatly to if, how, and when emotions are expressed.

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Quiz: Facial Expressions

Quiz: Facial Expressions

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Quiz: Facial Expressions
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For more information, take Berkeley's 21 picture emotional intelligence quiz: greatergood.berkeley.edu/ei_quiz


Stacie Rowan

PhD University of Oregon

Stacie Rowan, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who has a small private practice and works for the University of Oregon. She has experience working within a School of Veterinarian Medicine as a clinician and communication consultant for veterinary staff and students. Dr. Rowan is passionate about working with other professionals on interpersonal awareness and communication and is an enthusiastic animal lover.

Brent Horner


Brent Horner, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in private practice (of same name) in Eugene, Oregon. He has provided workshops on effective communication and healthy relationships. He believes strongly in the value of collaborating across disciplines—as an animal lover, he is particularly eager for opportunities to enhance the care of pets and their people. 

FUN FACT: As a vegetarian, Brent loves to cook and his 2 dogs are an attentive audience when he does. 


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