October 2014 Managing Change

Change is inevitable for a successful practice. These practical tips can help you integrate new team members and develop new strategies for managing emergency situations. Plus, in honor of Vet Tech Week, the great debate: Should veterinary technicians be called veterinary nurses?  

Table of Contents October 2014

What Can We Do About Suicide?

In the past few months, we have lost Dr. Shirley Koshi, and more recently, renowned veterinary behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin.


How to Normalize Emergencies in Practice

Follow this sample emergency case, plus discover tips to establish your practice’s emergency protocol and make your team more comfortable with urgent cases.

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Talking to Your Team About Money

Financial discussions with the team can be intimidating. Use these communication tools to maximize the potential for constructive conversations.

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Managing Change: Creating Team Buy-In

Change is seldom easy, but it is inevitable for practice success . Use these tips to help your team encourage and embrace change.

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How to Succeed as a New Leader

Joining a practice in a leadership role can be challenging for you and the team. Consider these 4 tips to ensure a smooth transition.

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5 Veterinary Technicians, 5 Different Career Paths

Not all veterinary technicians have the same job. Read about these 5 veterinary technicians working in very different fields. 

From Canine Nurses to Specialized Professionals

Veterinary technicians have long been crucial to practice success. From advanced certification to specialization, veterinary technicians are improving their care and advancing professionally. 

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Opinion: Veterinary Nurse vs Veterinary Technician?

Is “technician” still the correct term for this important and growing role? Two experts debate the differences between “veterinary nurses” and “veterinary technicians.”

Dirty Laundry: The Un-Oriented Associate

Every practice has different protocols. Do you have steps in place to help integrate new team members? 

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Web Apps That Will Wow Your Team

These helpful online tools can help enhance your practice’s productivity and interaction with clients.

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The Art of Telephone Triage

Telephone triage is an essential part of emergency care. Use this information to improve your skills in urgent cases.

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Time to Say Goodbye? Know How to Provide a Peaceful Death

How can you facilitate a peaceful end-of-life experience? An expert shares 4 valuable lessons that can help you provide a peaceful death for your patient.

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Does Success Come Before Happiness?

Does success lead to happiness, or is happiness the precursor to success?

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Top 5 Ways to Promote Compliance

Help clients follow through with your recommendations. Discover 5 ways to enhance client compliance .

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Frequently Asked Questions: Bite Wounds

Download this handout to answer clients’ frequently asked questions about bite wounds, including special care and prevention.

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Bite Wound Management: Team Skills

Regular team training is essential for effective bite wound management and client communication. Educate the entire team with these suggestions.

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Bite Wound Management: Team Roles

Use this checklist to determine each team member’s role and responsibilities when approaching bite wounds.

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Bite Wound Management: Team Workflow

Use this workflow to effectively manage bite wounds from check-in to check-out.

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Bite Wound Management: Client Communication

The entire team should learn effective communication with clients to obtain information about a patient’s bite wound and vaccination status.

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Bite Wound Management: Team Plan

Follow this team protocol for successful wound management, including closure, pain management, and infection prevention.

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Bite Wound Management: Overview

These diagnostic and treatment options can help your team successfully handle bite wound cases. 

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Handout: Quality-of-Life Scale

This handout will help clients reach educated and informed decisions regarding both the pet’s and the family’s quality of life when considering euthanasia.


End-of-Life Relationship-Building Begins Before Death

Even when difficult news is delivered, one office visit with an emotionally intelligent practitioner can cement client–veterinarian loyalty.


Have You HEARD How to Handle Unsolicited Advice?

Everyone has worked with or known a team member who has no filter for sharing opinions. Such behavior can cause stress in the workplace and affect team cohesiveness.


Going Green Makes Good Sense—And May be Good for Business

Going green is not a new concept—perhaps you already recycle, use CFL bulbs, or drive a Prius. Now, if you haven’t already, it’s time to expand that approach to your practice.


Arterial Blood Draw

This video demonstrates how to obtain an arterial blood sample from the dorsal pedal artery in a dog.


Open-Gloving Technique

 This video demonstrates the proper approach for donning sterile gloves using the open-gloving technique.




Social Media Calendar: October 2014

Use this Social Media Calendar to educate clients on what to expect after vaccinating their pet.

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