January–February 2015 Facing Generational Differences

Explore the challenges presented by generational differences in the practice, brush up on your dental cleaning protocol, and consider the advantages of off-leashing team members’ smartphone use. Plus, join the conversation as veterinary team members seek to define and develop “veterinary professionalism” in a rapidly changing work environment.

Table of Contents January–February 2015

How Treatment Plans Can Improve Client Relationships

Providing a treatment plan to a client before an office visit is easy to do and helps the client avoid "sticker shock." 


Staff Turnover: Does Loyalty Make a Difference?

Does your practice offer the 5 elements critical to attract (and retain) talented team members?


Quiz: Ethics & Jurisprudence in Practice

There's a distinction between legal and ethical decision-making. What's the difference? Take this quiz.


Dental Diagnoses & Treatment Recommendations

Sharpen your dental skills for common patient problems with these images.

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Triaging Traumatic Brain Injuries

With knowledge of proper, efficient triage, the veterinary professional can initiate treatment quickly to help ensure the best possible outcome.


Periodontal Disease: Training the Team

Use this training method to keep your team up-to-date on periodontal disease, including diagnosis, treatment options, and other risks to the patient if the disease is not treated.

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Periodontal Disease: Client Communication & Education Tools

Communicate these points to help clients understand the benefits of good dental health and its role in their pet’s quality of life.

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Periodontal Disease: Each Team Member Has a Role

What should each team member be responsible for when treating patients with periodontal disease? This workflow breaks it down.

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Periodontal Disease: Examination & Documentation

Use these tips to ensure you perform a thorough oral examination and select the appropriate therapy options for each patient.

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Welcome Lists: A Simple Way to Boost Client Relationships

This short video shows you how adding a simple patient "Welcome List" can have a positive impact on your clients.


Your Practice's Mission & Vision: What's the Difference?

Learn the difference between a vision statement and mission statement and how having both will benefit your team, patients, and clients.


Does Extending Your Practice’s Hours Make Sense?

Early mornings, late nights, and Sundays—veterinary clients want extended clinic hours. Find out what you need to consider before taking the plunge. 


Top 5 Guiding Points for Teeth Scaling

Use these 5 guiding points to ensure a positive teeth cleaning experience and good oral health for every patient.

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Dental Radiographs: Positioning is Everything

These techniques can help any veterinary technician obtain high-quality dental radiographs.

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Facing Generational Differences: Understanding Is Key

Do you live to work, or work to live? Explore this and other differences between generations to foster effective teamwork in your practice.   

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Examination Room Do’s & Don’ts

Review these tips to ensure your examination room provides a safe, nonthreatening, nonstressful environment for patients, clients, and team members. 

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New Year, New Budget

Create a budget that measures your practice success and removes the guesswork from your finances.

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Shake Off the “Bossy” Stereotype

Being an assertive woman in the workplace can often get you labeled as “bossy.” Follow these suggestions to build self-confidence and become a better leader.    

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Veterinary Professionalism: What Does It Mean?

Defining veterinary professionalism goes beyond dress codes and cell phone rules. It begins with collaboration.

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Matures & Millennials: Build Mutual Respect with Mutual Goals

Veterinary practices are comprised of multiple generations that all share the same goal. Here are 5 ways to nurture this common ground.

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Generations in Veterinary Medicine: Meeting the Challenge

Expectations among generations can create tension in the practice. Follow this advice to coexist in a multigenerational practice.   

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Generational Work Styles: How to Bridge the Gap

How are you bridging the generation gap in your practice? Consider gender as well as generation to ensure all team members stay engaged.

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The Changing World of Veterinary Medicine

Many changes have taken place in the veterinary profession. What are they, how are they affecting the profession, and how do we keep moving forward?

Turning Negativity to Positivity: It Helps to S.M.I.L.E.

A negative work environment can be devastating to team members, patients, and clients. Use this simple approach to foster a more positive practice.

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Be Smart About Using Smartphones in Practice

Should veterinary team members use their smartphone in the practice? Weigh these pros and cons.

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Periodontal Disease Overview

Periodontal disease is one of the most common—yet preventable—diseases. Look for these common dental abnormalities in dogs and cats.

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Social Media Calendar: January 2015

Use this Social Media Calendar to interact with clients and answer their questions about essential labratory screening in felines. 

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