March 2015 Practice Good Business

Learn how your practice can leverage the information locked in online data collection sites and management software, and how to unlock the potential of unmotivated team members. Plus, get expert tips for successful anesthetic monitoring and emergency endotracheal intubation. 

Table of Contents March 2015

Leading & Communicating in a Multigenerational Practice: Part 2

Eliminate generational stereotypes and improve communication in your practice. 

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Does Opening Your Books Benefit Your Practice?

How much should your team know about the practice’s finances? Here’s why implementing Open Book Management may be beneficial. 

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Top 5 Tips for Successful Anesthetic Monitoring

Use these tips to make anesthetic monitoring more predictable, safer, and less stressful for patients and team members.

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Selling or Buying a Practice? Follow These Guidelines

Whether you are buying or selling a practice, these tips can help you accomplish your goals. 

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How to Leverage All Your Practice Data

Discover simple and easy ways to leverage the unwieldy amount of data in your practice. 

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Do We Need More Veterinary Schools?

Despite growing concerns about rising tuition and student loan debt, veterinary colleges continue to be established. Experts weigh in on the need for more veterinarians.  

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Endotracheal Intubation: Preparation Can Be Lifesaving

Your patient’s life could depend on your ability to perform this procedure. Use these practical tips for proper endotracheal intubation. 

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How Will a Majority of Female Veterinarians Impact Practices?

Female veterinarians—present and future—can and should champion the profession and make the most of its advantages.  

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The Unmotivated Team Member: What Is Lacking?

Team members who seem unmotivated could be struggling with serious issues. Take time to check in before they check out. 

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Juvenile Orthopedic Disease: Client Communication Strategy

Help clients understand the importance of at-home care and treatment by discussing these topics.

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Juvenile Orthopedic Disease: Training a Knowledgeable Team

An effective approach to canine juvenile orthopedic disease starts with proper team training. Follow this plan to get the entire team involved. 

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Juvenile Orthopedic Disease: Team Roles & Responsibilities

Understanding each team member’s role is important when managing juvenile orthopedic disease. Use this checklist to know who is in charge of what. 

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Juvenile Orthopedic Disease: Examination, Radiographs, & Treatment Options

When is surgery recommended and medical management preferred? Use this guide to help determine proper treatment. 

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Canine Juvenile Orthopedic Disease

Early treatment is critical when addressing canine juvenile orthopedic disease. Watch for these 4 common conditions to determine the appropriate  treatment plan. 

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How to Help Clients Angry With Grief

“You can’t just let him die!” Gain insight into handling difficult conversations that involve client anger and underlying grief.

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Should Your Practice Have an Online Pharmacy?

A practice’s online pharmacy benefits clients more than just attracting them in-house.

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Avoiding the Roadblocks to Effective Communication

It is important to be aware of our communication patterns and how they impact our relationships with our team members and clients. Consider these examples.

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Social Media Calendar March 2015

Educate clients on the importance of poisonous materials—use this Social Media Calendar for ideas on what to post on Facebook and Twitter. 

Using New Client Folders in Your Practice

Creating a new client folder can help prevent information overload. Watch how this simple touch can put your clients at ease.


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