May 2015 Veterinary Technology

Maximize the benefits of technology for your practice without sacrificing the connection with patients and clients. Plus, what triage skills do veterinary technicians need to treat the most life-threatening emergencies?

Table of Contents May 2015

Clinical Suite: Acute Vomiting & Diarrhea

Explore common causes of GI signs to guide your initial assessment and physical examination.

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Quiz: How Should Your Practice Handle Inventory Control?

Managing inventory to keep it at appropriate levels is a constant challenge. Take this quiz to get a better understanding of what inventory management entails.


Violence in Veterinary Practices

Veterinary practices can be privy to violence from grieving clients to volatile team members. How can we minimize this threat? 

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Practice Ownership: A Smart Move Despite Student Loan Debt?

Don't let debt hold you back from buying a practice. Find out how making this move now may help you pay back those loans faster.

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Branding the Veterinary Practice

Want to set your practice apart from the competition, but not sure how? Use these tips to effectively build your brand.

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Shelter Medicine: More Educational Opportunities, More Lives Saved

No other veterinary specialty has advanced as quickly as shelter medicine. Discover the numerous opportunities now available within this specialty.

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Calculate Your ROI Before You Buy

Planning on purchasing a new piece of equipment, or remodeling your practice? Ask yourself these questions to ensure you’re making a smart investment.

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Balancing Technology & the Human Connection

Technology allows us to stay connected in ways we never imagined, but at what cost? Find out how to maintain the personal connection with your team and your clients.

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The Value of Mentorship in Veterinary Practices

Mentoring and handholding are not one and the same. Discover how to create a partnership that benefits the mentee and the mentor.

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Bringing Your Own Device to the Veterinary Practice

The use of personal devices at work doesn’t have to be divisive. See the policies some practices set regarding use of personal devices while at work.

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The Art of Triage

Your triage skills can mean life or death for your patient. Follow this approach to recognize and treat the most life-threatening conditions first.

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The State of Veterinary Practice Software

Veterinary practice software is critical to improving patient care and practice efficiency. How can you impact these innovations?

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Set Standards for a Service-Oriented Practice

Many practices consider themselves service-oriented. But are they? What does that really mean?

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Stress Reduction for Canine Patients

Follow these simple steps to help condition patients to reduce their stress and anticipate good things.

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Killing Gossip After a Team Member Moves On

The departure of a team member under any circumstances can trigger speculation and gossip.

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Social Media Calendar: May 2015

Use this month's Social Media Calendar to educate clients on dog bite prevention.

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