July 2015 Practice Compassion

Get tips for making visits less stressful for patients, clients, and your team, and discover the risks for certain diseases in your community. Plus, forget the pile of books—create your own digital library and find the medical information you need at the touch of a button.

Table of Contents July 2015

Refreshing Your CPR Skills

A well-trained team is imperative to increase the potential for a positive outcome for veterinary CPR.

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Lyme Disease Treatment & Prevention

From clinical signs to prevention products, technicians should be well-informed about Lyme disease.

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The Art of Reimagining Self-Care

Taking better care of patients starts with taking better care of ourselves. Try these self-care strategies to rejuvenate your life.

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Professional Chaplaincy in Veterinary Medicine

Feelings of burnout and compassion fatigue are all too common in the veterinary profession. , but professional chaplaincy may provide a new way to address these issues.

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Decision Paralysis

Over-analyzing or over-thinking every detail can lead to the inability to make a decision. Here’s how to overcome this paralyzing state of mind.

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Top 5 Tips for Diagnostic Blood Collection

Blood collection may seem simple, but it is critical to obtaining accurate diagnosis. Use these tips to take samples safely and properly.

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Regional Disease Risks: A Review

Holidays often mean traveling with pets. Do you know these local disease risks and simple precautions to protect patients and clients from infection?

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Trends in Compensation & Benefits

What are the current tendencies regarding pay increases, work-life balance, and additional benefits in veterinary practices?

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The Dewey Decimal System Will Not Be Necessary

Forget the pile of books—organize your own digital veterinary library.  Use these tips to get started. 

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Make Practice Visits Low-Stress

Visits to the practice can be a stressful experience for patients, clients, and the veterinary team. How can you create a calm environment that works for everyone? 

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Canine Lyme Disease: Client Communication

Client education is critical to the treatment and prevention of Lyme disease. Discover the “Rule of 3” to create key talking points with clients. 

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Canine Lyme Disease: Team Training

If your team is confused about the Lyme disease prevention, control, and treatment, your clients will be too.  Here’s how to get team members on the same page. 

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Canine Lyme Disease: Team Roles

Whether communicating with clients or formulating a treatment plan, every team member plays an important part in managing Lyme disease. Use this checklist to clarify your role.

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Canine Lyme Disease: Treatment & Prevention

How do you manage Lyme-positive patients? Get tips for treatment and prevention.

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Overview of Lyme Disease in Dogs

A positive test result isn’t enough to make a definitive diagnosis. What other point-of-care tests can help you diagnose Lyme disease?

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Quiz: Habilitation and Rehabilitation: What’s the Difference?

Use this quiz to test your knowledge of these important services for the veterinary practice.


Acclimating Relief Veterinarians

A relief veterinarian can serve as a proxy and be an asset to a practice without affecting the quality of patient and client care. Make sure you provide the right support. 

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Dental Formulas for the Cat and Dog

What’s the difference between dental formulas in puppies and kittens, and adults? Watch this video to distinguish the differences.


Social Media Calendar: July 2015

Use the posts from this month's Social Media Calendar to inform clients on proper care for their birds, rabbits, cats, and dogs.

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