August 2015 Optimism in the Practice

Discover the importance of a positive outlook, even in the most difficult situations in practice, and how to communicate more effectively as a team. Plus, what are the 5 most common orthopedic conditions? Find out! 

Table of Contents August 2015

Clinical Suite: Rehabilitation of Orthopedic Disease

There are many physical rehabilitation exercises that help restore function and prevent reinjury. Which therapy should you use and when?

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Puppy & Kitten Socialization Courses

Offering puppy and kitten socialization courses is an excellent way to keep young animals from developing behavioral problems. Use these tips to incorporate this service into your practice.

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How To Be An Optimist

Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Use these tips to bring more positivity into your life—and your work.

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Taking the Lead on Orthopedic Examinations

Orthopedic examinations can be challenging. Use these tips to assess orthopedic patients and interpret the findings.

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Top 5 Most Common Orthopedic Conditions in Dogs

One of these conditions could be your next case presentation. Explore 5 orthopedic conditions that occur most commonly in dogs and how to treat them.

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Behavior Services for the Veterinary Practice

Behavior services are a critical preventive care area, not only for optimal patient health but also for the practice’s bottom line. Learn how to add this service to your preventive care protocol.

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Tips for Team Communication

Minor complaints in the practice can become major issues if not addressed. See how  timely communication can help the team stay supportive and satisfied.

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Comparing Corporate & Private Practice Models

Corporate and private practice models have been integral in the growth of the veterinary profession. What are the major differences, and which model is right for you? 

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Wizarding Social Tools

From secret Facebook groups to team chat apps, discover how these social tools can make practice life so much easier.

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Behaving Well vs Behaving Badly

There’s a lot of chatter about traits of effective veterinary teams—how can our team turn those often vague concepts into practical behaviors?

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Heatstroke occurs quickly and can kill quickly. Do you know the signs and the necessary cooling measures?

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Image Gallery: Splint Application

In what situations would a coaptation splint be most useful? Explore this step-by-step guide for splint application to make sure you're prepared.

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Setting Boundaries with Your Boss & Your Team

The first step in adjusting bad behavioral patterns is to understand what motivates them. 

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“Retraining” Other Veterinarians’ Difficult Clients

Every practice likely has some difficult clients to whom other veterinarians have refused service. Find out how to satisfy clients who are easily dissatisfied. 

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Social Media Calendar: August 2015

Educate clients on how to prevent and treat kennel cough and other respiratory infections with this month's Social Media Calendar.


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