October 2015 Alternative Veterinary Medicine

Find tips for incorporating complementary and integrative medicine into your practice, and explore a series celebrating National Veterinary Technician Week. Plus, how much is too much when it comes to sharing personal information with clients? 

Table of Contents October 2015

How to Have a Feline-Friendly Practice

How can you grow the practice by increasing visits from feline patients? Try these ideas to create a cat-friendly practice. 

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5 Essential Therapeutic Exercises for Dogs with Osteoarthritis

Veterinary physical rehabilitation encompasses a whole-body approach to patient assessment and treatment, and the foundation of treatment is therapeutic exercise. Explore these 5 therapeutic exercises in detail. 

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A Personal Look at Changing Veterinary Roles

We can't do it alone. This first-hand perspective examines the evolving relationships between veterinarians and veterinary technicians. 

Career Paths for Veterinary Technicians

Want to take your career in a new direction? Explore the many opportunities from these trailblazing technicians, plus get tips for career success.

Veterinary Technicians: So Vital to Good Medicine

What do today’s technicians need to know to succeed? Find out in this Q&A, celebrating National Veterinary Technician Week. 

Traumatic Brain Injury: Client Communication

Clients can be very fragile when seeking help for a pet with a traumatic brain injury. Discover tips for handling these delicate situations.

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Traumatic Brain Injury: Creating a Practice Protocol

A detailed practice protocol is critical to ensure the team is prepared to effectively handle TBI cases. Follow the steps in this team-training plan.

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Traumatic Brain Injury: Team Roles

Time is critical when managing a traumatic brain injury and each team member plays an important part. Use this checklist to clarify your role. 

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Traumatic Brain Injury: Treatment Plan

The Modified Glasgow Coma Scale can help indicate the probability of survival and response to therapy for traumatic brain injuries. 

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Traumatic Brain Injury: Overview

Head trauma consists of both primary and secondary brain injuries. Are you prepared to combat the ensuing complications? 


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Money Problems? Know Whether to Focus on Spending or Revenue

Cultivating a financially healthy practice can be challenging. Use these tips to determine how to balance increases in spending and revenue. 

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Top 5 Points for Incorporating Complementary & Integrative Medicine Into Practice

How can you integrate alternative therapies into your practice? These pointers can help you get started.

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Medical Math Manifesto

Use these veterinary calculator tools to help prevent medical math errors.

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Veterinary Opinions About Integrative Medicine Need to Change

Integrative medicine has been a subject of great debate in the veterinary industry. Explore an expert’s opinion on alternatives to a surgery-first mindset.

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Oversharing with Clients: Know When to Stop Talking

Sharing personal stories can build rapport with your clients, but it’s important to maintain boundaries. Find out how much is too much. 

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Skills for Veterinary Nurses: IV Catheter Placement

Sometimes even our everyday tasks need a refresher. Watch this video illustrating sterile and proper technique when placing an IV catheter.

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Educating Clients When Using a New Procedure

Discover what you must be prepared to discuss when presenting a new procedure to a client.

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Pet Health Insurance: Practice Friend or Foe?

Take advantage of this effective tool for practice growth, profitability, and health. 

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Building a Relationship-Based Veterinary Practice

Be the veterinary team your clients trust. Use these tips to increase client retention in your practice.

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Social Media Calendar: October 2015

Use the posts from this month's Social Media Calendar to inform clients of the different types of imaging and the diseases that can be diagnosed with these imaging tools.

Capsules October 2015

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