November / December 2015 Creating Your Leadership Style

You don’t have to be the boss to lead your team. Discover tips for forging new paths and finding opportunities. Plus, a step-by-step refresher for peripheral catheter placement, and how to bring exotic companion mammal care into your practice.

Table of Contents November / December 2015

How to Show Clients Sincere Empathy

Providing clients with sincere and genuine empathy will facilitate connected relationships, trust, and likely increase client retention.

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Identifying Pain in Geriatric Patients

Veterinary professionals do not have the luxury of asking patients to assess their pain level and need to make that judgment themselves. To do that, they must understand that patients show pain in different ways.  

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Embracing Cultural Differences Among Team Members

The culturally diverse team is a growing phenomenon in the veterinary workplace. Globalization, migration, and political change mean that today’s veterinary team members come from a wide range of backgrounds. 

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Skills for Technicians: Urine Sample Collection & Analysis

Urinalysis is a key health and hydration indicator that can provide important clues to many disease diagnoses.

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Adding Exotic Companion Mammal Care to the Practice

Nontraditional pets are growing in popularity. Find out what is needed to add exotic companion mammal care to your practice.

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Opinion: What Makes a Veterinarian a Leader?

Being a boss does not automatically make you a good leader. So what does?

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Step-by-Step: Peripheral Catheter Placement

Refresh your technique for peripheral catheter placement with this step-by-step guide.

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Management Tricks for Veterinary Managers

Aspiring to management, or already leading your practice team? Here’s what you need to know to be successful. 

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Top 5 Considerations in Caring for Geriatric Patients

Aging cats and dogs present their own set of challenges. Here are 5 things to know about caring for these patients. 

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Overcoming Difficult Challenges in Electronic Practices

Switching to electronic medical records can sometimes seem more challenging than beneficial. Here are some problems you’re likely to encounter and how to resolve them.

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4 Traits of Effective Leaders in Veterinary Medicine

There’s a difference between managing and leading your practice. Use these tips to motivate your team.

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Cognitive Dysfunction: Client Communication

Cognitive dysfunction can be frustrating and difficult for clients. How can you help them better understand their pet’s condition? 

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Cognitive Dysfunction: Well-Prepared Team Members

Need help training your team to handle the details and challenges of cognitive dysfunction? Try these ideas. 

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Cognitive Dysfunction: Team Roles

The entire team should be knowledgeable about cognitive dysfunction—no matter their role. Use this checklist to clarify who does what.

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Cognitive Dysfunction: Treatment Plan

From sensory stimulation to drug therapy, these treatment options can help senior patients with cognitive dysfunction live in comfort.

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Cognitive Dysfunction: Overview

Explore the differences between normal aging and cognitive dysfunction.

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Quiz: The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring and Firing

Should a résumé be longer than one page? Is some conflict in the workplace acceptable? Take this quiz and learn human resources rules that affect every practice.

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Use Surveys for Client Feedback

Veterinary practices should be gathering information that can help improve their services, and the internet is making that easier with survey-taking tools.

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Social Media Calendar: November 2015

Using this month's Social Media Calendar, educate clients on the importance of a proper diet and share a recipe for a homemade Thanksgiving dinner for dogs.

Capsules November / December 2015

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