January/ February 2016

  • Your how-to guide for using blogging to promote your practice and build client loyalty
  • Better connect with clients—and attract new ones—with these practice marketing tips
  • Explore a case of feline chronic gingivostomatitis, including treatment strategies and client communication tips
Table of Contents January/ February 2016

How to Set Practice Service Fees

Setting practice service fees isn't as difficult as it sounds. Follow this brief guide to calculate costs.

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Quiz: Are You a Client Compliance Expert?

What do you do when clients don’t get the message? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

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Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis

Follow a case of feline chronic gingivostomatitis for tips on how to treat this frustrating condition.

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A New Year, A Fresh Perspective

Find out what has changed for Veterinary Team Brief in 2016 in this letter from the editors. 

Management Skills to Help Prevent Leadership Fatigue

Successfully leading a team can be draining. Use these tips to overcome leadership fatigue.

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What Veterinary Practices Can Learn From Restaurants

Hospitality can set your practice apart from the competition. Try these ideas to create a practice environment that makes clients feel welcomed and valued.

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Tools for Target Marketing

See how these practices are reaching current and potential clients, and how you can do the same.

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Cats Are Different: Identifying Gingivostomatitis in Feline Patients

Gingivostomatitis can be challenging for the team and for clients. Watch for these signs, plus get tips for successful examination and treatment. 

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Turnover: The Cost to a Practice and How to Prevent It

Unnecessary employee turnover can be costly to the practice. Use these tips to minimize unnecessary turnover and maximize team engagement.

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Top 5 Feline Oral Health Concerns

What are the more commonly diagnosed dental diseases in cats? An expert shares her top 5.

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Blogging 101 for the Veterinary Practice

Looking for a way to promote your practice and reach more clients? Try this how-to guide for blogging.

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Successful Elimination Diet Management in IBD Patients

Discover how to successfully leverage an elimination diet to control clinical signs and provide nutrients for patients with IBD. 

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If the Gut Works, Use It: Calorie Deficiency in Hospitalized Patients

The main reason patients receive insufficient food is poor case management, rather than a refusal to eat. Don’t make these common nutrition mistakes. 

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Social Media Calendar: January 2016

Educate clients on the importance of examinations using this month's Social Media Calendar. 


Capsules January/ February 2016

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