June 2016

  • Discover 5 aids to help calm anxious patients
  • Your how-to-guide for treating marijuana toxicity in patients 
  • Expand your horizons with a veterinary career in the military
Table of Contents June 2016

Quiz: Understanding the Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

How much do you know about emotional intelligence (EI) and its role in professional success? Find out with this quiz.


Quiz: Managing Canine Dental Disease

Managing dental disease requires a team approach. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about handling patients with dental disease.


Marijuana & Veterinary Medicine

How does changing the legal status of this drug affect patients and teams? Find the answers in this comprehensive guide. 

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Veterinary Career Paths in the Military

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a military veterinarian? Gain insight into these exciting, nontraditional, veterinary careers.

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Scheduling Appointments to Make the Day Flow Smoothly

Long wait times have been shown to reduce client retention. Create a great appointment experience with these schedule hacks. 

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Behavior Problems: Helping Clients Help Their Pets

Treating patients with behavior problems is a team effort. Discover how veterinarians and veterinary nurses can help clients achieve success.

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Give Clients an Experience, Not Just an Appointment

Common sense is not necessarily common practice. Follow these simple suggestions to make every client experience exceptional.

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Top 5 Aids to Calm Anxious Patients

Low-stress veterinary visits should be a practice priority. Try these tips to help decrease patient anxiety.

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