July 2016

  • Your how-to guide for navigating messy client custody battles
  • Keep immunocompromised patients protected from infection
  • Follow these guidelines for a positive referral relationship
Table of Contents July 2016

Image Gallery: Positioning for Abdominal Radiographs

Proper positioning is essential for obtaining diagnostic abdominal radiographs. Review proper positioning and setup for routine and specialty abdominal radiographs.

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Beyond Drugs: Providing Comfort & Care for Hospitalized Patients

Pain can increase discomfort in hospitalized pets. Use these modalities, in addition to pharmaceuticals, to provide relief.

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A Successful Referral Relationship: It Takes 2

Specialists and general practitioners should complement, not compete. Here's how to maximize communication to ensure everyone's needs are met.

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Role-Playing: Learn Skills by Acting Out

Role-playing is an effective way to build confidence and sharpen team member communication skills. Put this technique into action in your practice!

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Storm Phobia in Dogs

Storm phobias can create significant stress for the patient and owner. Discover key interventions to reduce anxiety.

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Protecting the Immunocompromised Patient

Clearly defined safety and infection protocols are critical to protecting immunocompromised patients. Try these tips to minimize risk to these patients.

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HR Issues in Veterinary Practice: Forget Attitudes, Focus on Actions

Appropriate behavior, like any other skill, can be taught. Review key strategies for encouraging great performance from every team member.

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Decisions, Decisions: Buy an Existing Practice or Start Your Own?

When it comes to practice ownership, should you buy-in or start up? Discover which path is right for you. 

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Vets & Pets of Divorce: Tips to Help Veterinarians Stay Out of the Fray & Avoid Confrontation

When pet owners are divorcing, veterinarians can get caught in the fray. Use these tips to protect pets and avoid confrontation. 

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