November / December 2016

  • Recognize and alleviate signs of stress when feline patients visit the practice
  • Use this checklist to help identify subtle signs of pain in patients
  • Know how to provide support to clients—and patients—during end-of-life decisions
Table of Contents November / December 2016

Honing in on a Veterinary Career While Staying Open to Possibilities

Saying Yes to a variety of veterinary experiences and opportunities can open doors to career opportunities you never knew were possible. Explore one veterinarian's career path in international development and foreign aid. 


Quiz: Surgical Instruments

Can you correctly identify these common surgical instruments? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

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Social Media Is Meant to Be Social

The key to an effective social media presence is to actively engage with clients. Keep clients coming back for more with these tips.

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Low-Stress Patient-Centric Practices: Cats

Visits to the veterinary practice can be traumatic for cats—and their owners. Implement these tips and tricks to create a low-stress environment for feline patients.

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Hospice Care & Palliative Sedation

Making end-of-life choices for a terminally ill pet is an emotional process. Discover ways team members can support and guide clients through these difficult decisions.

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Top 5 Ways to Honor Deceased Pets

Veterinary professionals give grieving families no greater gift than the ability to honor their beloved pets. Here are 5 special ways to pay tribute.

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Starting Off Right: A Good History to Help Identify Pain

Pain history checklists can help identify subtle signs of discomfort. Use these questions to help recognize and manage pain in its early stages.

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Addressing Diverse Beliefs with Courageous Conversations

Differences in beliefs can lead to friction among team members and clients. Review the best methods to approach and resolve challenging issues in the workplace.

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Caregivers Must Take Care of Themselves

Taking care of yourself is as critical as taking care of your patients. Discover strategies to practice self-compassion skills every day.

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Industry: Careers in the Veterinary Field

Opportunities in veterinary medicine extend beyond private clinical practice. Learn more about how this veterinarian made the transition from practice to industry.


Quiz: Feline Diabetes Mellitus

Test your knowledge of the risk factors and treatment options for feline diabetes mellitus and be sure you know your role in helping patients who have this disease.


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