March 2017

  • Decipher fact from fiction in grain-free pet foods.
  • Get tips for diagnosing and treating even the most challenging cases of cranial cruciate ligament disease.
  • Discover 5 signs of dysfunctional teams—and solutions to get back on track.
Table of Contents March 2017

Image Gallery: Avian Restraint

Avian patients can present a challenge (and a risk) for the veterinary team. Follow these basic, species-specific guidelines to reduce patient stress and keep team members safe during examinations.

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Survey Says: Drafting Valuable Client Surveys

Client surveys can be an effective tool for discovering what the practice is doing well and where improvement is needed. Use these tips and examples to create effective surveys for your practice.

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Small Talk Can Enhance the Client-Veterinary Practice Bond

Client chit-chat can improve compliance and reveal surprisingly helpful clinical information. Try these easy conversation starters.

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Strategies for Seamless Patient Care Transitions

Structured approaches to patient transfers can minimize miscommunication and save lives. Try out these three frameworks.

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Disability Insurance: An Overlooked Necessity

Nearly 1 in 4 people will become disabled during their career. Protect your income and your practice with this disability insurance advice.

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Practices use this NSAID commonly for surgical and osteoarthritic pain control. Bone up on important use, side effects, and monitoring information.

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease in Dogs

Don’t mistake cranial cruciate ligament disease for other causes of hindlimb lameness. Recognize these signs and perfect these orthopedic tests.

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Anesthetic Protocols for Brachycephalic Dogs

From sedation to long-term hospitalization brachycephalic dogs are at additional risk. Keep them safe with these tips.

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Grain-Free Pet Foods: Fact vs Fiction

Potatoes, peas, and beans are not necessarily any better than corn, wheat, and rice. Fight nutrition fiction with these facts.

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5 Signs of a Dysfunctional Veterinary Team

These 5 issues can derail productive practices and create toxic teams. Fix common problems with these tips.

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Wellbeing Habits Essential for Veterinary Professionals

Successful wellbeing incorporates many aspects of a fulfilling life. Assess these 9 elements of your personal wellness.

How Controlling Inventory Helps the Bottom Line

Does a review of your practice’s inventory reveal chaos? Gain control and help the practice’s bottom line with these tips for involving the team, tracking metrics, and transforming the system.

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