April 2017

  • Master urethral deobstruction in cats with a step-by-step guide.
  • What pet peeves do your clients have about your practice?
  • Rely on these simple tools to help your team cope when dealing with euthanasia.
Table of Contents April 2017

Tips for Designing & Implementing Discharge Sheets

Clear, consistent, detailed discharge sheets can be powerful client education tools. Implement discharge sheets in your practice with these tips.

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Quiz: Can You Talk the Flea Talk?

Do clients seem unconcerned about flea infestations? Take this quiz to test your flea knowledge and develop talking points to convince clients.


Veterinary Wellbeing: Silence Your Brain to Ease Stress

These 7 strategies for avoiding negative self-talk can help minimize feelings of stress or failure, contributing to an overall improvement in wellbeing.

Urethral Deobstruction in Cats

Inappropriate treatment of urinary obstructions can cause more harm than good. Follow these guidelines to minimize urethral trauma when catheterizing a blocked cat. 

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Building Relationships with Veterinary Sales Representatives

A strong relationship with veterinary sales representatives offers more than good deals on products and purchases. Learn how to make the most of their valuable industry expertise.

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Minimizing the Impact of Euthanasia on Veterinary Teams

Performing euthanasia takes a toll on the entire team. Use these resources to prevent compassion fatigue and stress.

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Urethral Obstruction in Cats

A blocked cat is always an emergency. Review clinical signs, underlying causes, possible complications, and management options for urethral obstruction.

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Top 5 Client Pet Peeves

Simple client service mistakes can upset clients and damage their relationship with the veterinary practice. Avoid these 5 common client pet peeves.

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Subcutaneous Fluid Administration at Home

Many clients are nervous about needles and hesitant to give their pet subcutaneous fluids at home. Use this teaching guide to help them administer SQF at home.

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Trazodone can be used for adjunctive treatment of behavioral disorders in dogs, including storm phobias and postoperative anxiety. This brief summary highlights contraindications, drug interactions, and possible side effects.

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