July 2017

  • Guide clients through end-of-life care decisions.
  • Understand how expenditures impact practice profitability.
  • Protect your team—and your patients—with this review of rabies exposure management.
Table of Contents July 2017

Placement of Nasal Oxygen Catheters

Click through these images to review the steps needed to appropriately place a nasal oxygen catheter.

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Top 5 Conditions of Boarded Pets & Special Considerations Required

There comes a time when every pet owner faces the decision of what to do with a pet when vacation, emergency, or unforeseen circumstances disrupt normal pet care. Click here to consider all the factors. 


Guiding Clients Through End-of-Life Care

Are you comfortable guiding your clients through decision-making about end-of-life care? Review helpful guidelines to make the process easier on everyone.

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Communicating with Veterinary Clients with a Medical Background

Medically trained clients bring a unique set of challenges—and strengths—to the table. Learn how you can use a client’s medical knowledge to improve patient outcomes.

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Would you recognize the signs of metronidazole toxicity? Review side effects, warnings, and drug interactions for this commonly prescribed antiprotozoal agent.

Do You Know Where Your Practice Money Goes?

Paying attention to both patient care and profit is the key to a practice's success. Get the breakdown of how money is spent in a well managed practice.

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Rabies Exposure in Humans & Pets

Proper management of rabies exposure is critical. Consider these key points when faced with potential life and death situations.

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The Future of Veterinary Genetic Testing

What if serious heritable conditions could be prevented? Discover how canine genetic testing could become a powerful tool in veterinary medicine.

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Top 5 Ways to Leverage Client Smartphones to Enhance Care

Encourage your clients to engage with more than just “Dr. Google.” Here are 5 strategies to improve patient care by leveraging smartphone technology.

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Be Mindful About Reducing Stress

Mindfulness has numerous benefits when incorporated into everyday life. Discover how practicing mindfulness can improve the care of yourself and your patients.

Quiz: Common Dermatologic Problems

Dermatologic problems are one of the most common presenting complaints at the veterinary practice. Test your knowledge with this quiz.

Capsules July 2017

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