September 2017

  • Explore how you can implement a rewards program at your practice.
  • Review accurate diagnosis and proven management tools for feline asthma.
  • Discover payment alternatives for cash-strapped clients.
Table of Contents September 2017

Preparing for the Worst

Veterinary teams can play a crucial role in helping clients be prepared in the event of a disaster or emergency. Make sure the practice has a plan in place, and share these tips and guidelines with clients to help them create a plan of their own.

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Image Quiz: Canine Body Language

The ability to read canine body language is crucial for ensuring the safety of patients and the veterinary team. See how well you can read and interpret these canine clues.

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An Uncommon Guide to Thriving as a New Veterinary Graduate

Your first veterinary job after graduation can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. Tackle the worries with these tips for thriving as a new (and not so new!) veterinarian.


Why Perfectionism Is Not Perfect

Discover how moving beyond the pursuit of perfection can improve patient care and team member well-being.

Payment Alternatives to Help Cash-Strapped Clients

The inability of clients to afford veterinary care is an issue plaguing the profession. Consider these alternatives when clients can’t pay for necessary treatments.

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Delivering Supplemental Oxygen

Oxygen therapy can be a critical treatment for certain life-threatening conditions. Follow this guide to safely deliver supplemental oxygen to patients in respiratory distress.

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Update, Diagnosis, & Treatment of Feline Asthma

Evaluate and refine your approach to feline asthma with this updated guide to diagnosis and management of lower airway disease.

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Practice Buy-In: Is It Right for You?

Is a partnership a sinking ship or a good business opportunity? Follow this checklist to determine if a buy-in is the right choice.

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The Rewards of a Reward Program

Do reward programs work in veterinary practices? Discover how well-designed loyalty programs can increase client retention and practice profitability.

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Which patients can benefit from a systemic bronchodilator? Review indications, side effects, and monitoring parameters for theophylline.

Be Strategic When Pricing Specific Treatments

Discover key strategies to establish realistic service fees that cover costs and produce a reasonable profit for the practice.

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Monitoring IV Fluid Therapy

Review key components to careful and appropriate monitoring of patients on IV fluid therapy.

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Capsules September 2017

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