October 2017

  • Celebrate the many ways in which veterinary nurses are vital to patient and client care.
  • Are you up-to-date on the latest recommendations and treatments for canine lymphoma?
  • Use these tools to prepare perfect cytology slides.
Table of Contents October 2017

Guinea Pig Husbandry

Guinea pigs have a variety of unique needs, from diet to environmental enrichment. Explore these tips for ensuring appropriate veterinary care and happy, healthy lives for these small rodents.

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Doug Mader’s Daily Essentials

What are Doug Mader's essentials for getting through his day? From an endoscope to Diet Coke, see his must-haves here.

Certifications for Veterinary Team Members

Credentials aren’t just for veterinarians. Team members in all areas who pursue advanced certifications can develop their own careers while benefiting the practice with their honed skills and expertise.

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Communicate Costs Clearly & Confidently

Value must be clearly communicated for clients to understand and appreciate veterinary services. Use these tools and scripts to guide discussions about the value of cytology.

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Canine Multicentric Lymphoma

Lymphoma can be very rewarding to treat. Review presentation, diagnosis, and available treatment options for this common canine cancer.

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Prednisone / Prednisolone

Systemic glucocorticoids are frequently used in veterinary patients for a wide range of indications. Review key points of oral administration of prednisone in dogs and cats. 

Cytology from Fine-Needle Aspirates

Preparing quality slides for cytology is simple and inexpensive. Follow these guidelines for increasing diagnostic yield of fine needle aspirate samples.

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Elevating the Role of Veterinary Nurses

Veterinary nurses improve team efficiency and patient care when they are empowered to use their full scope of skills in practice. Reap the rewards of these essential team members.

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Practicing Gratitude in Everyday Life

Intentional gratitude each day can decrease stress while improving mood and physical health. Enhance your wellbeing with these tools to incorporate gratitude in your everyday life.

Legal Implications of Dispensed Medications & Written Prescriptions

To effectively—and legally—dispense medications and submit prescriptions, veterinary professionals must understand the laws and regulations. Test your knowledge of controlled and noncontrolled substance procedures with these common scenarios.

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Capsules October 2017

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