November / December 2017

  • Follow this step-by-step guide to reduce complications associated with cystocentesis.
  • Explore the advantages, limitations, and legal issues surrounding telemedicine.
  • Learn the best ways to handle the task of breaking bad news.
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Selecting the Right Blood Collection Tube for Diagnostic Testing

Correctly obtaining and submitting patient blood samples can directly impact the accuracy of patient diagnosis and treatment. Review the sample requirements and make sure you know which tube to use for each test.

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Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is commonly administered orally to adsorb drugs or toxins to prevent or reduce their systemic absorption.


How to Handle Online Reviews

Social media is essential for veterinary practices, but it can open the practice to both positive and negative feedback. Be prepared to appropriately respond to online reviews and protect your practice’s reputation.

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Top 5 Signs that May Indicate Chronic Pain

The client is often the key source of information when attempting to determine whether a patient is in pain. Explore these key questions to help assess the patient’s pain and determine the cause of behavior changes.

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The Open Practice & Client Presence During Procedures

Is an open hospital policy good or bad? Learn the pros and cons about clients staying with their pets during examination and treatment, including surgery, to help decide whether the policy would be good for your practice.


Addison’s Disease: Partnering with Clients for the Long Term

From their pet’s comfort to the costs of chronic care, these pet owners have a lot on their mind. Make it seem manageable with this guide.


Veterinary Disaster Response: A Personal Account

After multiple hurricanes caused extensive damage to Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico, thousands of volunteers responded to provide necessities to the people and animals affected. Read a firsthand account from a volunteer in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.


How to Reenter Veterinary Practice After Time Off

Once a veterinarian, always a veterinarian—read this author’s account of returning to the veterinary profession after 2 years away.


Robin Downing's Daily Essentials

What are Robin Downing's essentials for getting through his day? From coffee to cats, see her must-haves here.

Telemedicine & Its Impact on Veterinary Medicine

Telemedicine is a rapidly evolving part of daily practice. Explore the advantages, limitations, and legal issues surrounding this expanding area of modern veterinary medicine.

Setting Fees for Cystocentesis

Should you charge separately for cystocentesis or combine it with another service? Discover how calculating real labor costs is the key to setting an appropriate fee.

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Using Cystocentesis to Obtain Sterile Urine Samples

When performed correctly, cystocentesis is a safe and effective way to obtain a sterile urine sample. Follow this step-by-step guide to reduce complications associated with this procedure.

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Cancer Talk: Tips for Breaking the Bad News

“Your pet has cancer” is not the ideal way to start a difficult conversation. Learn the best ways to handle the task of breaking bad news.

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Maropitant can prevent and treat acute vomiting. Review key indications, precautions, and side effects of this antiemetic medication.

Wellness: Take Action

Mental health and emotional well being are often elusive pursuits in our stressful lives. Review key strategies to foster self-care from the year-long Wellness Revolution™ series.

Acute Kidney Injury

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of acute kidney injury can help prevent permanent renal damage. Quickly identify and address initiating causes with this comprehensive guide.

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