January / February 2018

  • 5 ways to reduce team member turnover.
  • Use these tips to obtain high-quality dental radiographs.
  • Are you prepared to handle a social media crisis?
Table of Contents January / February 2018

Quiz: How to Beat Practice Bullies

Workplace bullying, which is unfortunately common in veterinary practices, negatively affects team members and, as a result, the quality of patient care. Test your knowledge of the common signs and types of bullying and how to address the issue.

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Quiz: Implementing Wellness Plans

Wellness plans offer a variety of benefits to pets and clients and offer many growth opportunities for veterinary practices. Test your knowledge of successful plan guidelines and implementation recommendations with this quiz.

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Quiz: Nutrition Terminology

The AAFCO develops laws that safeguard animal and human health and standardize manufacturing and labeling practices. Test your knowledge of pet food label descriptions with this quiz.

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Forward Booking: Helping Pets Get the Right Care at the Right Time

Have you tried forward booking? Consider this approach to scheduling appointments that can increase client visits and practice profitability.

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Martin Kennedy's Daily Essentials

What are Martin Kennedy's essentials for getting through his day? From his veterinary nurse team to monitoring equipment, see his must-haves here.

Key Performance Indicator: Annual Turnover Rate in Veterinary Practices

Taking the time to calculate turnover can reveal important information about practice health. Learn how to crunch the numbers on this key metric.

Problem: Your Average Doctor Transaction Is Low

What does your average doctor transaction say about your practice? Follow these simple steps to improve this key performance indicator.

Obtaining High-Quality Dental Radiographs

Identifying hidden dental disease is key to providing appropriate treatment. Follow this step-by-step guide to obtaining high quality intra-oral radiographs.

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Purchasing New Veterinary Equipment

New equipment should do more than just look good. Consider these key points before making a big investment.

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How to Handle a Social Media Crisis

“Don’t feed the trolls” is just one piece of helpful advice included in this simple guide to effectively responding to a social medial crisis.

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A Better Way to Say No

When is no the right response? Learn how setting boundaries can improve team member physical and emotional health.

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Left-Sided Congestive Heart Failure

For patients in congestive heart failure, appropriate treatment needs to happen before diagnostic testing. Be ready to intervene when characteristic clinical signs of this life-threatening disorder are present.

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Pimobendan can improve survival times and quality of life when used to treat congestive heart failure. Review key points to consider when maintaining patients on this life-saving drug.

Veterinary Entrepreneurship: From Ideas to Reality

How can you take a great idea and make it a successful business? Part one of this veterinary entrepreneurship series tackles the first step in turning a dream into a reality.

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Top 5 Reasons Team Members Stay at a Practice

People want to do work that feels meaningful. What else can a veterinary practice do to keep good team members?

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