April 2014 You Are Not Alone

Examine the disturbing trend of veterinary cyberbullying, and discover 5 common—and not so common—complications of flea and tick infestations. Plus, is a romantic relationship with a client ever appropriate?

Table of Contents April 2014

The Challenging Client: Setting Boundaries & Showing Compassion

Difficult clients do require extra time and energy but it is possible to overcome the challenges they present.


Using Feng Shui for Your Veterinary Resume

Your résumé is the one tool that can determine whether you receive an interview that could lead to your dream job in veterinary medicine. What does that have to do with feng shui? Quite a lot.


Balancing Life In & Outside of Practice

Offering working parents accommodations may create conflict when team members who do not have children are not offered the same accommodations.


Your Practice’s Best Offering for Business? Not Drugs or Gadgets!

Knowing the newest treatment options and specialty services available is critical, or your clients may likely leave.


A Disturbing Trend: Veterinary Cyberbullying

This report, inspired by veterinarian Shirley Koshi, explores cyberbulling and how veterinary professionals can avoid its toll.

The ISTJ: The Team’s Quintessential Manager

One Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) type, ISTJ, is common among veterinary teams. Find out what ISTJs can bring to the team.

Urine Sediment Evaluation

Unstained and air-dried cytology can provide valuable information when examining urine sediment.

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Top 5 Complications of Flea & Tick Infestations

One expert names the top 5 complications of flea and tick infestations.

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Compassion Fatigue: The Cost of Caring

Caring for your patients can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Minimize compassion fatigue by identifying stressors from work and home.

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How Happy Are You?

Understanding your current happiness level can help you determine if that level is acceptable or if it could be increased.

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Veterinary & Medical Students Compared

One professor describes his observations of the similarities and differences of veterinary and medical students.

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Is a Romantic Relationship with a Client Ever Appropriate?

Does your practice have a policy for dating clients? How should you respond when trying to maintain professional boundaries?

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5 Steps to Financial Fitness

It’s no secret that the financial health of new veterinarians is guarded. Work toward financial freedom by following these 5 steps.

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Busting the Tick Myths

From the peak season to the best removal method, set the facts straight about ticks. Download this client handout to debunk common tick myths.

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The Truth About Ticks

Vector-borne diseases and ticks are important topics every team member should understand. Use this refresher to help your team provide the most accurate information to clients.

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Ticks & Vector-Borne Diseases: Team Roles

From understanding the basics to understanding specific signs and treatment protocols, every team member plays a role in educating clients about ticks and managing these cases.

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Ticks & Vector-Borne Diseases: Team Workflow

Each team member can use this checklist to know their roles in educating clients about tick preventives and the importance of year-round prevention .

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Ticks & Vector-Borne Diseases: Conversation Opportunities with Clients

Whether discussing prevention, removal, or vector-borne diseases, every team member should be prepared to talk to clients about ticks. Here are 3 common conversations to anticipate.

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Ticks at a Glance

Tick species and populations vary according to region, ecology, and environmental patterns. Review these common ticks and the diseases they transmit.

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Clinical Protocol for Ticks

The veterinary team is the first line of defense against tick-borne-diseases. Review common pathogens, examination findings, diagnosis and treatment, and tips for prevention.

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Social Media Calendar: April 2014

Use this Social Media Calendar to educate your clients about surgery and how they can care for their pet after surgery.

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