January / February 2013 Innovation: It Takes A Team

Learn to recognize and treat common dental problems, and follow these tips to maximize your practice’s social media presence. Plus, is the veterinary profession effectively preparing its new graduates?

Table of Contents January / February 2013

Tips for Delivering Bad News

Bad news should be delivered carefully and humanely, trust should be established, and relationships should be built.


The Eyes of Innovation

Veterinary Team Brief focuses on day-to-day clinical strategies, client communication and compliance, and hands-on practice policies in short, digestible articles ready for immediate use.

Dental Disease: Client Handouts

Use these handouts to provide your clients with more information on dental care.

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Dental Disease: Training the Team

Following is a detailed meeting agenda and role-playing guide for a successful dentistry protocol plan.

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Dental Disease: Team Roles

Following is a description of team roles to help your practice establish a successful dental care program.

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Dental Disease: Team Workflow

This team workflow can help your practice adopt a successful dental program.

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Dental Disease: What to Say

This communication script can help guide your team when communicating with clients about their pet's dental needs.

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Canine Dental Disease

Team education is crucial for a successful dental care program. This review highlights disease types, causes, signs, treatment, and prevention for canine dental disease.

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Social Media Calendar: February

Explain the importance of dental care to your clients with this Social Media Calendar. 

Clinic Protocol for Dental Disease

Each member of the team needs to appreciate the importance of committing to dental care. This overview provides a team protocol for dental disease.

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NAVC Hospital Makeover Contest 2012: Drab to Fab

In 2012, 3 veterinary clinics were selected as winners of the NAVC Hospital Makeover Contest and received substantial cash prizes to renovate their hospitals.

Product Sales: Fight or Flight?

Through personalized service, you can offer a better experience and more value to clients than the big-box stores.

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Under New Management: Meet the Practice

Veterinary Team Brief is telling and showing you the essential concepts for successful practice purchase and turnaround.

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Secrets to Self-Awareness

At least once a day, take a moment to consider an emotion that you are feeling. Ask yourself, “What’s going on?” “What triggered this emotion?” and “What was my behavior as a result of this emotion?”*

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Are We Abandoning Our New Graduates?

Help me out—what are your ideas for protecting the future of our profession?

What to Put on Facebook

Facebook can show your expertise as a veterinary team, build relationships with clients, attract new business, educate pet owners, publicize promotions, and interact with your community, but the key is knowing what to post.

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What innovation has had the biggest effect on patient care at your practice?

These three veterinary professionals weigh in on what innovations have had the biggest effect on patient care at their practices.

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What Makes a Veterinary Team?

Is it the entire staff, both client service and medical? Veterinarian/technician dyads? All the staff besides the doctors? Who is the team in veterinary medicine?

Veterinary Team Brief delivers practical skills for team-based medicine—with clinical strategies for team training, peer-reviewed credibility, concise content, essential training modules, and easy-to-implement protocols. From the publisher of Clinician's Brief.