January / February 2014 Wellness & the Human-Animal Bond

Follow a step-by-step team approach to treat fractured teeth, and institute this protocol for discussing hospice care with clients. Plus, learn how to recognize the signs of a stressed team member.

Table of Contents January / February 2014

Social Media Calendar: February 2014

Use this Social Media Calendar to communicate the importance of dental care with clients.

Educating Clients About Managing Feline Hyperthyroidism

Educating clients about hyperthyroidism in cats can influence clients’ short-term decisions, as well as the long-term management of their cat.


How to Implement a Physical Rehabilitation Program into Your Practice

Clients more and more are looking for additional services to keep their pets mobile and active. Are you offering these new services to your clients?


Pregnancy in the Veterinary Workplace: Handling the Risks

The news of a team member’s pregnancy is a good opportunity for the entire team to review the practice’s safety and medical/disability leave policies and to ensure they are being followed.


Human–Animal Bond Abroad: Better Life for Animals & Humans Worldwide

The human–animal bond may be different in other cultures, but is still present. Restore the bond between human and pet by acquiring a deep understanding of others' traditions, daily challenges, and beliefs.

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Can Veterinary Women Have It All?

Women can "have it all," but they must have a bigger voice and never stop aiming for success.

Time to Intervene? Addressing Client Wellness

Addressing client wellness is never an easy task, but you must know your ethical obligation to intervene on your patient’s behalf.

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Signs of a Stressed Team Member

Working in a veterinary practice can be highly rewarding, but also very stressful. Watch for these common signs of workplace stress in yourself and team members.

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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Happiness and positivity are key to a successful practice, but the sources of these experiences are not always obvious.

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Veterinary Hospice & the Human–Animal Bond

Preparing clients for their pet’s hospice care can help them cope with their impending loss and strengthen the human–animal bond.

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Cracking the Myths of Fractured Teeth

Print this handout to educate clients about fractured teeth and preventing them in their pet.

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Fractured Tooth: Team Roles

From scheduling appointments to educating clients, each team member plays an important role in treating patients with fractured teeth.

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Fractured Tooth: Team Workflow

This checklist can help each team member gather information about a patient’s fractured tooth so a treatment plan can be established.

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Fractured Tooth: Conversation Opportunities to Address the Cost

Although only veterinarians should give medical advice for fractured teeth, the entire team should understand available treatment options.

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The Human–Animal Bond & Our Mutual Health & Wellness

The human–animal bond is a positive, mutually beneficial relationship. These 4 steps can help you use the bond to enhance wellness.

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Fractured Tooth Treatment at a Glance

It is important to consider a tooth’s function when selecting treatment. When is endodontic therapy or exodontic therapy indicated?

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HR & the Human–Animal Bond

Support the human–animal bond between team members and their beloved pets by implementing these policies and protocols.

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Why Don’t We Offer More Wellness Plans?

Wellness plans are good for practices and good for pets, and they can be affordable for the client and the practice. Start by creating the plan, addressing challenges, considering costs, and spreading the word.

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Start With Why to Inspire Great Leadership

Discussion of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, which presents a formula for leaders open to new business models.

Fractured Teeth in Dogs & Cats

It is critical that team members and clients know the signs of a fractured tooth so that treatment options can be discussed to prevent further damage of the tooth.

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Learn How to Thrive in Spite of Your Debt

Veterinarians can be financially sound despite large amounts of debt. Follow these steps to make smart decisions about your money.

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