July / August 2013 Changing the Culture of Shame

Turn negative online reviews about you or your practice into positive outcomes, and follow a guide to marketing your practice. Plus, veterinary technicians should know when and how to use these 3 types of diagnostic tests.

Table of Contents July / August 2013

DOMA & FMLA Changes: What Does It Mean for Veterinary Practices & Families?

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was struck down by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2013. What does this mean for veterinary practices and other businesses?


Career Planning & Goal Setting

How do you, as a student, avoid the pitfall of becoming average? Here's how to separate yourself from the pack.


Social Media Calendar: August

Use this Social Media Calendar to educate clients on ear infections—including instructions for cleaning your dog's ears.

Are You a Good Boss or Bad Boss?

If you have trouble answering, look at your behavior as a boss in several areas to distinguish between the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!


Bringing on a New Associate: Is Mentorship the Answer?

Mentoring can help graduates fit into the practice culture, improve their technical, business, and medical skills quickly, and allow them to succeed financially.


Cushing’s Disease: Keeping Clients Informed

It is important to educate clients to ensure they understand the basics of the disease, and so they know what to expect during treatment.


When Tragedy Strikes, Veterinary Compassion Trumps

The biggest tragedies often teach us the biggest lessons, and this was the message that I wanted to impart to my team.


Otitis Externa: Team Overview

This protocol highlights the steps each team member should take when treating patients with ear disease.

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Biosurveillance: How to Monitor Disease Trends

Tracking data and analyzing patterns of clinical signs, drug inventory, and treatment protocols can help in both disease treatment and prevention.

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Yelp to Help Your Practice

Maximize your listing to help potential clients find your practice when searching for the best veterinarian in their community.

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Marketing a New Practice: It Takes More than Advertising

A successful marketing plan targets current and potential clients to increase brand awareness and grow your practice.

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How to Say You’re Sorry

Veterinarians should understand how to make an appropriate apology, which involves empathy, honesty, and clear communication.

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Online Reviews: Turning Negative into Positive

Poor reviews about your practice are inevitable, so it is important to have a strategy for dealing with these complaints.

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What is the Greatest Lesson You Learned from a Professional Mistake?

Veterinary professionals share their most valuable lessons learned from past professional mistakes.

Personal Financial Tips for the Veterinary Team

A personal financial plan is important and should accomplish 2 goals: financial stability and retirement.

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Diagnostic Tests: Overview for Veterinary Technicians

Familiarize yourself with various diagnostic testing methods, why they are used, and what types of organisms and/or diseases they detect.

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Addressing the Angry Client: Empathize & Apologize

When addressing an angry client, it is important to set aside your perspective and approach the situation from the client’s point of view.

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5 Lessons Learned From Building a Veterinary Team

JoLynne Cleveland, DVM, a former practice owner with 40 years of experience in veterinary medicine, shares valuable lessons for building a successful team.

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Treatment of Otitis Externa

This overview highlights treatment options for otitis externa to help your team determine the best treatment plan for each patient.

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Otitis Externa: Team Roles

Each team member plays a specific role in diagnosing and treating disease. Use this protocol to determine team roles and responsibilities when treating patients with otitis externa.

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Otitis Externa: Training the Team

Every team member should understand otitis externa protocols to communicate appropriately to clients.

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Otitis Externa: Hot-Button Issues

Ear infections can be frustrating for clients. Use this communication script to manage client expectations before issues occur.

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Otitis Externa at a Glance

This review of examinatoin, cytology, and cleaning techniques can help your team diagnose and manage ear diease.

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Otitis Externa in Dogs & Cats

This overview describes the clinical signs of otitis externa and provides an approach for diagnosing and treating ear disease.

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