March / April 2013 Survive & Thrive

Follow these steps to purchase your dream practice, and make this your practice’s most profitable year yet. Also, are you ready to earn an advanced veterinary technician certification? 

Table of Contents March / April 2013

Social Media Calendar: April

Use this Social Media Calendar to educate clients on the importance of parasite prevention.

Mobile Euthanasia

Two veterinarians discuss what is possibly the most challenging kind of house call there is—home euthanasia for companion animals.

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Advanced Certifications for Veterinary Technicians

This article brings you the information you need to obtain a veterinary technician specialty (VTS) license, registration, or certification.

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Coworkers Who Drive You Crazy

Coworkers can drive you crazy! What can you do? As coaches, we recognize that there are always choices.


Communicating 5 Complicated Diagnoses to Clients

Finding the right words in stressful times is easier if thought has been given beforehand. The following scenarios provide an approach to help you communicate difficult diagnoses to clients.

Quid Novi: Swim in a Blue Ocean to Innovate

Quid novi—Latin for that which is new—innovationis a sharp, drastic turn rather than a slight detour. Quid novi could be a new way to treat animals, a unique method for training practice staff, or an innovative client partnership that benefits a valued pet.


Six Sigma in Veterinary Practice: Does It Make Cents & Sense?

The veterinary profession is more open to improvement processes that come from outside industries. Six Sigma is one example.

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You’ve Found a Practice to Buy. Now What?

Who can help you purchase the practice? What’s the next step?

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Heartworm Disease: Client Handouts

A discussion about heartworm may raise even more concerns with clients. Are you prepared to answer their questions? Download these handouts for help.

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Heartworm Disease: Team Training Plan

Multiple team meetings are recommended to prevent information from becoming overwhelming.

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Anesthesia Tips & Tricks for Veterinary Nurses

Veterinary technicians are tasked with a procedure—anesthesia—that is otherwise limited to human doctors, who become anesthesiologists often after obtaining their medical license and training. 

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Heartworm Disease: Team Roles

Use these protocols for team role and responsibilities for treating heartworm disease.

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Heartworm Disease: Team in Action

Use these workflows for team protocols for treating heartworm disease.

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Heartworm Disease: The Tough Conversations

Sometimes it seems easier not to “push” clients, but it is important to discuss parasitic infection risks with every pet owner.

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Heartworm Infection at a Glance

There are significant differences between heartworm disease in dogs and cats. Brush up on common signs, diagnostic options, and preventive measures.

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Heartworm in Dogs & Cats

Pet owners need to hear the message about the seriousness of heartworm infection, guiding them away from the “it won’t happen to me” syndrome.

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3 Underused Practice Opportunities

The year is well underway. Given every veterinary team’s limited time, where should your efforts be focused to improve the health of your patients and practice?

The Impaired Veterinarian: Recognizing Depression & Possible Suicide

A recent study reported that UK veterinarians had a higher suicide rate than the normal population.

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The Impaired Client

Effectively and efficiently communicating with clients who are hindered in their ability to listen or comprehend information is trying.

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3 Ways Great Medical Records Can Protect Your License

You know you did everything right, but how can you be sure that your medical record will protect your license?

Using MBTI to Understand & Appreciate Workplace Differences

Knowing personality type can help veterinary teams understand and appreciate individual differences. One of the most widely used assessments is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Social Media Calendar: March

Educate clients on heartworm disease—use this Social Media Calendar for ideas on what to post on Facebook and Twitter.

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