May 2014 Days of New Technology

Is your practice keeping pace with the growing ways to connect with clients, and should you be friends with clients on Facebook? Also, follow a 7-step guide to prevent and manage osteoarthritis in patients. 

Table of Contents May 2014

How to Get Clients Off the Phone & Into Your Practice

Blind phone consults cheat the patient out of a thorough examination and decrease the likelihood of an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.


Exit Interviews: The Door Swings Both Ways

Exit interviews should be viewed as a proactive measure to address complaints, improve the practice, and prevent litigation.


Consider Satellite Hospitals to Expand Your Practice

The hub-and-spoke satellite veterinary practice model does have advantages, but it is not without challenges and risks.


Of (Computer) Mice and Men

Embracing technology can improve patient care and financial health. Consider these ideas to seamlessly incorporate technology into daily practice.

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Safety Protocols in Practice

Safety protocols are necessary in practice to ensure team members understand and avoid the health risks. Learn how to create and implement policies in the workplace.

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How to Adopt a Positive Mindset

We can choose to either prevent or allow more positivity in our lives. How do you adopt the mindset to choose happiness?

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The Tech-Savvy Client

Are veterinary practices keeping pace with the growing ways for clients to connect, or are they lagging?

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Veterinary Medicine: From Old Days to Digital Days

Incorporating technology—such as practice management software—can make team members’ jobs easier and improve the entire practice.

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Learn to Lose the Habit Handicap

Don’t get stuck in a pattern of bad behavior. Discover how to be persuasive without being pushy and build successful relationships with your team and clients.

Should We Weep at Work?

Some see crying as a caregiver showing sincere empathy, while others see it as unhealthy and unprofessional. Is it okay to cry at work?

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Why Don’t We Offer Higher Quality Imaging Modalities?

If your practice is not using the newest high-quality radiography, your team is likely missing out on patient care opportunities.

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Should Veterinary Professionals Be “Friends” with Clients on Facebook?

Facebook is a valuable tool for connecting with clients—if used appropriately. Is it okay to “friend” clients on Facebook?

Know How to Hire

Knowing how to hire can be just as important as knowing who to hire. These methods can help you avoid hiring mistakes.

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Top 5 Conditions Diagnosed On Physical Examination

The physical examination remains one of the most useful tools for veterinarians. Here are 5 conditions that can be diagnosed on physical examination.

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Just a Technician, or the Pride of Veterinary Medicine?

It is important that technicians not only respect and take pride in their work, but also promote their integral role as members of the veterinary team. 

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Mobility Questionnaire: Does Your Pet Show Signs of Pain?

Download this client handout to answer questions regarding osteoarthritis.

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Osteoarthritis: Team Training Plan

Build an osteoarthritis task force that involves every team member.

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Osteoarthritis: Team Roles

Each team member plays a specific role in educating clients about osteoarthritis. Use this checklist to determine team roles and responsibilities.

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Osteoarthritis: Team Workflow

Learn which steps each team member should take when treating osteoarthritis.

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Discussing Arthritis Pain with Clients

Use this communication script when discussing arthritis and pain management with clients.

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Boning Up on Osteoarthritis

Understanding the anatomy of joints and the development of osteoarthritis is key to successful diagnosis and management.

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Osteoarthritis at a Glance

When treating patients with osteoarthritis, first educate the clients about prevention, management, and pain control.

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The Role of Veterinary Medicine in Combating Animal Hoarding

Well-informed, proactive team members can be an effective partner in identifying hoarders and ending the suffering they inflict on animals.


Social Media Calendar: May 2014

Use this Social Media Calendar to answer your clients’ questions about parasites.

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