May / June 2013 Putting the Pieces Together

Learn what to do when a mass is found on a patient, and follow these tips to manage your time effectively. Also, use these successful business models to create a plan for your practice.

Table of Contents May / June 2013

Social Media Calendar: June

Answer your clients’ questions about lumps and bumps with this Social Media Calendar.

Calming Clients’ Fears About the Risks of Anesthesia

Many clients feel uncertainty, anxiety, and fear at the thought of their beloved pets going under, and they may hesitate or even refuse best-care options because they are scared about anesthesia.


Social Media: A Formula for Success

Social media must be well thought out with a plan of execution and schedule of activity.

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Becoming a Great Veterinary Technician

How can veterinary technicians provide the best care? Focus on these 3 special skills.

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Debt or Alive?

Relief is available for veterinarians grappling with student loans, but most borrowers are unaware of these options.

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Telephone Discussions with Clients

It is a challenge to discuss diagnoses and surgical recommendations over the phone. Here are our tips for exceptional communication.


Reset Your Culture: Get Them at ‘Hello’

To maximize practice health, it is necessary to understand the power of pushing the reset button to build a better culture.


Lumps & Bumps: Client Handouts

Download these handouts to provide your clients with more information on external masses.

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Lumps & Bumps: Team Training Plan

Creating a practice that emphasizes and encourages learning and participation enhances teamwork, client service, and patient care.

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Demonstrating the Value of Diagnostics Through Client Education

It is critical that veterinarians and other team members focus on client education.


Lumps & Bumps: Team Roles

Use this feature to determine team roles for treating lumps and bumps.

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Lumps & Bumps: Team in Action

Use this workflow to determine protocol steps for each team member.

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Real Estate: Major Driver for a Practice Purchase

The key to determining whether you should pursue a practice purchase is to answer the right questions.

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Conversation Opportunities

Finding a lump or bump on our pets or ourselves can be scary and should always be taken seriously.

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Lumps & Bumps at a Glance

Tumors originating from dermal and SC tissue can be epithelial, mesenchymal, or round-cell.

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Clinical Protocol for External Masses

Skin and subcutaneous (SC) tumors are frequently discovered in routine examinations.

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How to Implement a Behavior Program in Your Practice

Behavior problems are complex and can be intimidating for veterinary team members who are considering integrating this service into their practice.


Reaping the Rewards: 10 Inexpensive Ways to Show Appreciation

Raises and perks are only some of the strategies that many use to engage their employees and elevate their practice’s effectiveness.


Am I the Toxic Team Member?

Complaining coworkers: We all recognize them and have worked with them. But what if  you are the toxic team member?


How to Ask for a Raise―and Get It!

Before discussing a pay raise with your boss, it''s important to do your research.


5 Preventive Care Services Every Practice Should Provide

Education about preventive care is of enormous value to clients, their pets, and veterinary practices.

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Adapting Successful Business Models to Your Practice

Mayo Clinic, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks and Apple: your practice can benefit from their ingredients for success.

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A Difference of Opinion: Collaborating with Colleagues Who Disagree

Communicating with colleagues when there is a disagreement can be challenging.

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Social Media Calendar: May

Use this Social Media Calendar to instruct clients on diagnostic techniques—including instructions for at-home care.

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